Coaching Overview

Productivity Coaching Provides

"Better potential results for agents."

- Gary Keller

Visualizing the Process

"Visualizing the process — breaking a big goal down into the steps needed to achieve it — helps engage the strategic thinking you need to plan for and achieve extraordinary results."

What You Receive In Coaching

Business Coach

Receive the support and guidance with your Productivity Coaches to help you create your success.


This class helps you launch your career with the skills and knowledge you need to succeed.

Video Library Access

Gain access to hours of training videos covering all the core knowledge objectives you need.


Free access to the premier dialer to find seller leads. A $1,200 value provided to all coaching clients.

Mastermind Groups

Get together with teammates weekly and strategize with each other to achieve your goals.

Individual Coaching Sessions

Receive individual coaching sessions as needed and weekly as you progress into capper coaching.

Agent Support Calls & Meetings

Your coach provide support to you with transactions 5 days a week through calls and meetings as needed.

Win With Buyers

This quarterly two-day course is taught to master the process of serving buyers at A+ levels.

Win With Sellers

This quarterly two-day course is taught to master the selling process and will help you win more listings.

Broker Support

Coaching leadership has their Associate Broker's license and can give you ongoing support on difficult issues.

MAPS Coached Coach

Your Business Coach is committed to growth and has MAPS coaching to hone her skills so she can continue to bring you cutting-edge support.

Sisu Tracking

Receive cutting-edge tracking and powerful insights into your performance to know exactly what you need to do to succeed.

We Cover The Basics

Understanding Agency

Exclusive Buyer-Broker Agreement

Follow up w/ suggested courses/training

Command Contact - Opportunities - Close

Working with Buyers

Working with Sellers

And So Much More...

A Life by Design “Your Big Why”

Mastering the Economic Model

Mastering the Lead Generation Model

Time blocking

36-Touch Smart Plans

Real Estate Conversation Scripts

Listing Mastery

Marjorie Weinhagen

"Michelle has been a big part of my success as a new agent. I have recently just completed my first year in the business. During that time she was not only a fantastic coach, pushing me to be the best that I can, but also a voice of reason, cheerleader and sounding board. She cares deeply for you as a person and realtor. Michelle and Savana have absolutely been a solid part of my foundation into this new career. I can't thank them both enough for everything they have done to help me succeed! If you want to push yourself to be the best version of you then I highly recommend you hire Michelle!"

Savana Waag

Michelle Markuson is an intelligent, creative, and motivating coach. She understands

the work that needs to be put into your real estate business as she is continues to be a

high producing agent. Michelle has helped me to create a customized plans to fit my

goals and helps me break down the numbers I need to get there. I know that she truly

wants to see my business grow and succeed and I feel confident that with her coaching

I will continue to produce more each year. I cannot thank her enough for the confidence

and strength she has given me in my business.

Candace Halsey

I transferred to Keller Williams with Michelle IN SEPTEMBER 2023 I have greatly appreciated the help she has given me especially helping me start to realize my worth and how much success I can achieve by being persistent. I tell myself every phone call "I'm not Pestering I'm Helping" best quote I remind myself of since I feel like a Nat at a BBQ calling the same people all the time.

What Coaching Offers

  • Accomplishment

  • Accuracy

  • Acknowledgment

  • Authenticity

  • Collaboration

  • Community

  • Confidence

  • Connectedness

  • Cooperation

  • Courage

  • Creativity

  • Curiosity

  • Directness

  • Discovery

  • Empowerment

  • Enthusiasm

  • Focus

  • Growth

  • Honesty

  • Independence

  • Integrity

  • Learning

  • Participation

  • Partnership

  • Passion

  • Productivity

  • Recognition

  • Respect

  • Strength

  • Trust

Here are some of Michelle's experiences from which she coaches:

Rookie of Year

ALC Member

Top 20% of Producers Every Year

Masters of Organization Development

Bachelors in Organizational Behavior

Prior Career - Business Consultant

Made a Hole in One in Golf!

Mediator for Family Courts

Certified NLP Practitioner

Life Coach since 2006

Connoisseur of Marshmallows ;-)